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What do we mean by "Human Resources"? In the simplest sense, "Human Resources" are the people (humans) who benefit the company through their work (resources); basically, the employees of a company or organization. 


However, the term "Human Resources" - or HR - is often used to refer to the division within a company that manages employees. This division is typically responsible for finding, recruiting, screening, and training job applicants; employee performance and compensation packages; and administering employee departures - whether voluntary or involuntary. The HR division typically handles payroll and employee-related payments to the government and may also be responsible for occupational health and safety, regulatory compliance, future workforce planning including succession strategies, and more.

Many small companies don't have a dedicated HR division - or even a dedicated HR person. These companies still have the same need to manage their employees and comply with government regulations related to employees. Even companies with a dedicated team member may benefit from access to additional information and expertise. 

Recognizing the challenges this presents, the NSBA has a Human Resources Advisor, Rohan Christian, with a specialty in diversity-related topics. Rohan is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) candidate and he looks forward to supporting our industry. 

The intent of the HR Advisor's role is not to do companies' HR work; it is to help companies to do the work themselves by providing support and guidance, learning opportunities, and connecting people with third-party resources as needed. For more information, contact Rohan at This service is free to NSBA members; we are exploring a fee-based model for non-members. 

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Key Diversity-Related Terms 

Key DEI Terms


Diversity in an organization is having differences in race, colour, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, religion, etc.


Inclusion at work is how all employees, from leaders to labourers, behave to create an environment where people feel accepted regardless of differences.


Equality is providing the same opportunities and supports to everyone, regardless of their differences. 


Belonging is an outcome of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - where employees feel accepted while being themselves.


Equity is providing opportunities and supports based on individual needs, because everyone has different advantages and disadvantages.


Accessibility is ensuring access or usability for people with disabilities, sometimes through workplace accommodations.

10 Tips for... 

10 Tips...

...Attracting and Retaining Diverse Employees

...Managing Employee Performance

...Maximizing Employee Satisfaction

...a Strong Safety Culture

...Successful Onboarding

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Through its membership in the Association of Industry Sectors Councils, the NSBA is pleased to offer resources for Succession Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning that were developed by the AISC with the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. These resources are designed for employers of various sizes, including family-run businesses. 

An instructor-led pathway for the Strategic Workforce Planning resources is currently being explored. If you would be interested in participating in a pilot, please contact the NSBA. 

Succession Planning Resources

Strategic Workforce Planning Resources

Anyone using these resources is encouraged to contact us with questions as well as suggestions for how we can continue to improve these tools. 

Government Supports

Govenment Supports

Resources - Province of Nova Scotia:

Financial Supports - Province of Nova Scotia:

Partner Service Providers (Non-Governmental Organizations):

*Note there is a general wage incentive program called "START" and a separate program called "Apprenticeship START". Information about the Apprenticeship Start Program is included in the NS Apprenticeship Agency page "Financial and Other Support for Employers".

Additional Resources from our Partners

Retention Panels (recorded content from live panels):

Becoming An Accessibility / Disability Confident Employer

Additional Resources
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