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Woman in a tyvek suit polishing an orange lobster boat mould


There are two provincially-designated trades that are unique to Nova Scotia’s boatbuilding and repair industry: Boat Builder and Marine Service Technician. Both the Boat Builder Apprenticeship Program and the Marine Service Technician Apprenticeship Program are on-the-job training programs, jointly administered by the NSBA and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency. The NSBA also supports experienced workers interested in being certified in these trades who have been practicing the skills of the trade for a minimum number of hours as described in the trade regulations.


These apprenticeship programs are a team effort involving apprentices, journeypersons and mentors, employers, the NSBA and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency.


  • Can companies join at any time?
    Our membership year runs April 1 to March 31. Eligible companies can join any time. Companies who join by May 15 will be included in our annual printed directory.
  • Are membership costs pro-rated based on when companies join during the year?
    No, membership costs are not pro-rated.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept cheques, Visa, Mastercard, and e-transfers.


You learn the full scope of your chosen trade during your training so you can do your job well and take pride in your work.

You’ll know your skills meet an established standard and you can easily demonstrate that to customers and customers or employers.

It can help your company attract customers.

It can help your company attract job seekers who are interested in apprenticeship, as they need a certified journeyperson to mentor them.

It helps people outside of trades to better understand your skills and knowledge.

Certification in skilled trades helps people outside the trades appreciate the specialized skills required.

Certified people often get paid more because their skills and credentials are valuable to their employers

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