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Man with safety goggles and tyvek suit standing in a composites fabrication shop


A number of companies in our industry have more demand for their products and services than they can meet with their current workforce. The NSBA is addressing this by sharing information about careers in our industry, providing training opportunities and supporting our employers in attracting and retaining talented people. As part of these activities, we’re working to better engage people who have traditionally been underrepresented in our industry.



There are rewarding careers available in boatbuilding and repair. From provincially-designated trades like Boat Builder and Marine Service Technician to Red Seal trades like welder; from general labourers to engineers and naval architects; from administrative professionals to marketing specialists—opportunities abound!

Many of these choices offer common benefits:

  • Working with boats

  • Working near the water (usually the ocean)

  • Working with your hands

  • Friendly people

  • Variety in the work you do

  • Beautiful coastal communities

Careers in our industry can start with entry-level, unskilled positions or with university degrees. Learning may be formal training and education, online studies or on-the-job training such as apprenticeships.

To find out more about career opportunities and how to get started, contact Richard at To learn more about training and apprenticeship opportunities, visit our Training Page.

Man with hat in front of a polished sailboat hull


The labour market is incredibly competitive and most skilled workers who want to be working in our industry are working there already. This means we need to be creative and strategic to attract and retain the talent we need.

Here are some tips to help:

Advertise locally


Local newspapers and radio stations can be much cheaper than provincial publications and are a good way to get the word out to people who are already in your community.

Advertise online


Make use of Indeed, Canada Job Bank, social media, your company website and more. Not only does this reach a broader audience, but using online job sites like the Canada Job Bank help governments see what occupations are most in demand because tracking online job postings is one of the tools they use. 

Let NSBA help


Send us your job postings and we’ll post them on our website. If we know about your job needs, we can share them when people contact us looking for opportunities. 

Access existing resources


There are many resources available online—sometimes an overwhelming amount. The NS government offers a good starting point with their HR Toolkit. 

Engage local employment agencies


Organizations like NS Works provide services to job seekers, making them an excellent resource to use as part of your candidate search. They’ll know who is looking for work, who has relevant skills and more. They also help employers with things like developing job postings.

Diversify your workforce


Despite employers in many sectors being desperate for workers, some communities continue to have disproportionately high unemployment. Whether the barriers are employer bias (conscious or unconscious), industry awareness, access to training or something else, addressing barriers to employment could help solve your labour market shortages. In addition to attracting a more diverse workforce, it’s important to offer a welcoming workplace.

Offer training & career pathways

The fact is there aren’t enough skilled workers in our industry to go around and skilled workers don’t grow on trees. They grow in supportive workplaces that offer growth and learning opportunities. By knowing and supporting an employee’s career goals within the industry, you increase employee loyalty while also getting a person who can contribute to your company’s success. 

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