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Occupational Health and Safety, or OHS, is important for many reasons. The most important reason is also the most obvious: keeping you and your team safe and healthy. 

Beyond this primary goal, good OHS practices can contribute to a workplace culture where people feel valued and respected, which in turn helps with attracting and retaining workers. Good OHS is good for workers and good for businesses. 


Also, while keeping people safe shouldn't be a financial decision, having people off work or leaving their jobs because of workplace injuries or illness costs businesses money. The longer someone is off work, the less likely they are to return to work. Prevention should be the primary strategy, supported by good return-to-work plans and guidelines. This might include bringing people back to work in a different role or helping them to transition to work that accommodates their changing needs and abilities. 

We've compiled some resources below to help you get started. 

Resources from our Partners

Small Business
Safety Toolkit

Choose your company size of 1-19 or 20+ employees to access the Toolkit with the resources you need.  

Psychological Health & Safety Resource Centre

Psychological OHS is new for many employers. This resource centre from WCB NS is there to help.


Available as a website or a mobile app, Nova SAFE is a user-friendly way to access key OHS information.

Working to Well

Resources for workers, employers, and health care providers to help injured workers return to work.


The Canadian Centre for OHS has extensive resources, including free courses.


Overall Health
& Safety

A summary of key prevention and return-to-work resources for workers and employers


OHS in the Boatbuilding Industry

We're working with our partners at NS Labour, Skills and Immigration - Safety Branch and the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia to see build a statistical picture of OHS risks in the industry. More coming soon!

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