The Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association was established in 1998 by a small group of leading boatbuilders who shared a common vision of growing and diversifying the industry beyond its original domestic fishing boat market.

NSBA’s mission is to create and foster an environment that promotes profitable and sustained export-oriented business growth for its members. It does this by:

  • Promoting the industry to markets in Canada, the US and around the world;

  • Promoting industry careers to youth;

  • Managing and administering the Nova Scotia Boat Builder and Nova Scotia Marine Service Technician Apprenticeship Programs;

  • Coordinating other training to meet industry needs;

  • Building partnerships with organizations who have aligned goals and values;

  • Representing the boatbuilding industry with various orders of government; and

  • Providing technical and market advice to boatbuilders and repairers.


The NSBA is the first point of contact for the boatbuilding and repair industry in Canada’s Maritime provinces.

Board of directors

NSBA Team Members


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Many industry employers continue to report labour market challenges including finding people and keeping people. The NSBA works to bring future employees to the industry and helps members be employers of choice so they can better attract and retain workers in a highly-competitive and evolving job market.



The NSBA supports the development of a highly-trained boatbuilding and repair workforce, from foundational skills training to apprenticeships to ongoing learning opportunities for seasoned professionals. Not only is this important for our members’ and our industry’s success, it also helps with attraction and retention.



The NSBA supports market growth and diversification and represents the industry at key trade shows, conferences and networking events. While there is high market demand for some products and services, it is important to maintain market diversity so all our members have strong business opportunities. It will keep us positioned to adapt to changes in future demand.

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The NSBA engages relevant organizations as partners in success. This includes government departments and agencies - including regulators - as well as other nonprofit organizations and industry groups. Through these partnerships, the NSBA can increase its impact and effectiveness on behalf of our members and our industry.


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