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PHOTOS: New West Head Boat Launch

A new hull built at West Head Boat Builders Ltd. in Clark's Harbour recently hit the water. Local photographer Ervin Olsen shot some amazing photos on launch day.

Named the "Ross Boys," the hull is 44'11" long and 23' wide.

It took builders about five months to build it from the bottom up. The hull was started with a mould and then finished at the shop.

The hull is the very first "Freedom Hull" style built at the shop,

The boat will be used in the Cape Sable Island area for lobster fishing.

The owner, Patrick Ross, will be fishing for lobster from atop his beautiful new boat built by West Head. Congratulations Patrick on your new boat, and congratulations to West Head for another nice build!

Click here to read more about the new hull or West Head Boatbuilders Ltd.


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