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Fathom Boatbuilders

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Fathom Boatbuilders is located in Sydney Harbour (adjacent to the Canadian Coast Guard College) in Sydport NS. This newly renovated facility has the ability to build, retrofit or repair up to 3 lobster vessels at a time in one of their buildings and up to 2 larger 60 x 30 vessels in their other building. Their 12 acre lot allows them to store vessels with plenty of space to safely work on your vessel within their gated compound, fully equipped with cameras to ensure your vessel is monitored at all times. Drop in and speak to them regarding your next build and see what design they can Fathom together to meet your needs or arrange to store your vessel in their compound during the off season.

Contact Info

Hubert Nicholas

(902) 578-1357

15 Harbour Dr., Sydport, Nova Scotia

Certified Boat Builders or MSTs


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