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Endura Marine

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Endura was founded by George Esterer on the principal of “We take the best available materials to produce the best polyurethane coating that we can".
The company has been run as a family business since 1966 and has been recognized as the leading Canadian Manufacturer of Polyurethane Paints.
Endura’s unique polyester polyurethane coating was created and is still manufactured in Canada with a sales and service footprint that now covers Canada and the USA coast to coast.
Over the past 50 + years, they continue to fulfill their customer’s needs while providing exceptional value and performance that has been proven across multiple industries while operating in the harshest environments.
The Marine Program is led by “Evolution” an exceptional two–component polyurethane yacht coating that produces a brilliant Gloss and Depth of image for the Professional Boat Builder and Craftsman.
Evolution Yacht and Marine Coatings provides every applicator the flexibility to control their procedures, timelines and working environment to achieve serious performance and a consistent finish.
Endura appreciates and welcomes feedback from all their customers and coating professionals to maintain an adaptable program that can respond to the marketplace whenever unique solutions are required and results are expected.

Contact Info

Peter Deys

(800) 661.9930

12425 149 St, Edmonton, AB T5L 2J6, Canada

Certified Boat Builders or MSTs


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