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Industry Awards

The NSBA recognizes the accomplishments of members in various ways, including annual Boatbuilder Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Annual Boatbuilder Awards

Innovation Award

For showing innovation in tooling, engineering, constructions processes and materials

Export Achievement Award

For successfully developing and pursuing new export sales

Company Development & Growth Award

For significant investment in training, quality systems and facilities

Workplace Safety Award

For significant investment in creating a healthier and safer workplace

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association presents this prestigious award to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the boatbuilding industry in Nova Scotia over their working lifetime.


Examples of “significant contribution”:

  • Ran a successful boatbuilding business for more than 35 years

  • Ran a successful boatbuilding business that consistently employed more than 5 people

  • Introduced new boat designs into their boatbuilding business

  • Regularly built boats for export

  • Earned a reputation within the Maritimes for being a quality boatbuilder

  • Valued training of their workforce

  • Enhanced the reputation of boatbuilding in Nova Scotia

  • Earned recognition as a good boatbuilder outside of Atlantic Canada




Nominations are currently open for all award categories. The award criteria should be met in the calendar year prior to the awards ceremony, ex. 2023 calendar year for 2024 awards. 


If you would like to nominate your company or another company, please email with the following information:


Boatbuilder Awards: 

  • Name of company being nominated

  • Award for which you are nominating them

  • How they meet the criteria

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

  • Name of the person being nominated

  • How they meet the criteria

The current deadline for all nominations is April 30, 2024. 

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