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Since its founding in 1891, LIFE (Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Ltd) has serviced the marine industrry by the construciton and restoration of all types of vessels across worldwide markets. It is known for its long history of manufacturing marine components for the domestic and foreign boat buildeers. LIFE provides three different service facilities:

The Lunenburg Shipyard
The Lunenburg Shipyard is a boatbuilding and repair facility that includes two marine railways with a capacity of up to 1600 tons and a 75-ton mobile boat hoist. The shipyard specializes in steel hulls and provides CWB Welding, mechanical, electrical, pipe-fitting, and NACE certified painting expertise as well as a network of qualified service providers for constructions, restorations or refits.

LIFE Manufacturing
LIFE Manufacturing uses its non-ferous foundry and 14,000 sqft machine shop to produce propellers, underwater gear, shafts and hardwares for boat builders. Its products have been developed, tested and proven since the company's founding in 1891.

LIFE Professional Services
LIFE has developed a team of engineers, technicians and architects who provide clients with expert consultation and design and R&D services. These business professionals provide experience for in-house projects both at the shipyard and manufacturing facilities but are also available for off-site projects.

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John Kinley

(902) 634-8827

53 Falkland St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada

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