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GIT Sustainable Coatings

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GIT Sustainable Coatings engineers and manufactures marine coatings for the shipping industry for the underwater hull and propellers of ships. GIT Sustainable Coatings has identified a need in the industry to provide vessel owners with sustainable and durable coatings that utilize biocide-free technologies. As an emerging leader in the industry GIT sees an opportunity to design marine coatings that offer superior performance, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future in marine shipping.

The XGITTM product line can help tackle sustainability problems for the shipping industry in several ways:

Reduce Environmental Impact
Improve Fuel Efficiency
Increased Lifespan of Coatings
Compliance with Regulations
GIT Sustainable Coatings is propelling our global fleets towards a green future by promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly coating solutions.

Contact Info

Michael Kemp

(902) 817-9181

1 Research Dr, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Certified Boat Builders or MSTs


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