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Marine Parts and Service Manager

TriNav Group of Companies

Posting last updated:

June 4, 2024


As a hands-on Marine Parts and Service Manager, you will play a crucial role in
overseeing the efficient operation of our marine parts and service department. Your
responsibilities include managing inventory, coordinating service appointments,
ensuring exceptional customer service, actively participating in repairs, and traveling to
various sites in the Maritimes for on-site work. You’ll collaborate with technicians, sales
and administration teams, and customers to maintain a seamless service experience in
the marine industry.

Duties & Responsibilities

Inventory Management:
o Maintain accurate records of marine parts inventory, including ordering,
receiving, and tracking.
o Ensure optimal stock levels to meet service demands for various boat
o Implement inventory control procedures to minimize waste and loss.

Service Coordination:
o Schedule service appointments for boat repairs and maintenance.
o Assign work orders to marine technicians based on their expertise and
o Monitor repair progress and communicate updates to boat owners.
o Use tracking software to monitor, hours, material and parts used on tasks,
projects and other activities to ensure accurate invoicing to clients.
o Create and maintain accurate records of time worked by employees. This
includes ensuring that employees submit their timesheets on time to
facilitate accurate payroll processing.

Hands-On Repairs:
o Actively participate in marine repairs, troubleshooting, and maintenance
o Lead by example, demonstrating technical expertise and problem-solving
o Collaborate with technicians during complex repairs.

On-Site Repairs:
o Travel to various sites in the Maritimes to perform on-site repairs.
o Ensure timely and efficient service delivery regardless of location.
o Adapt to different environments and client needs.

Preferred Experience:
o Proficiency in repairing and refinishing fiberglass and gel coat surfaces.
o Knowledge of marine diesel engines and outboard motor systems.
o Familiarity with marine electronics, wiring, and electrical components.
o Understanding of various marine systems, including plumbing, hydraulics,
and HVAC.
o Experience with both sailboats and powerboats is considered an asset.

Additional skills and Attributes:
o Ability to comprehend repair manuals, technical documents, and written
o Manage multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritizing effectively.
o Keep track of appointments, inventory, and repair schedules.
o Analyze issues and find practical solutions.

As the Marine Parts and Service Manager, you’ll play a key role in maintaining safety
protocols. Here are some important aspects to consider:
1. Safety Rules and Procedures:
o Training: Ensure that all team members receive proper safety training. Cover
topics such as handling tools, working with hazardous materials, and emergency
o Documentation: Maintain records of safety training sessions and certifications.
o Regular Reviews: Conduct periodic safety reviews to reinforce guidelines.

2. Worksite Safety:
o Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
Mandatory Gear: Require the use of appropriate PPE, such as helmets,
gloves, safety glasses, and life jackets.
Inspections: Regularly inspect PPE for wear and tear.
o Tool Safety:
Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain tools and equipment.
Safe Usage: Train staff on safe tool handling and storage.
o Emergency Preparedness:
Evacuation Plans: Develop and communicate evacuation plans for
different locations.
First Aid Kits: Ensure first aid kits are accessible and well-stocked.
Emergency Contacts: Display emergency contact information

3. Environmental Considerations:
o Waste Disposal: Properly dispose of hazardous materials (e.g., oil, chemicals)
according to regulations.
o Environmental Impact: Be mindful of the impact of repairs on the environment
(e.g., oil spills, waste disposal).

4. Quality and Safety Assurance:
o Inspections: Regularly inspect completed repairs for quality and safety
o Testing: Test repaired systems thoroughly before returning boats to owners.
o Feedback Loop: Encourage technicians to report safety concerns promptly.

Remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility. By adhering to safety rules and guidelines,
you’ll create a secure work environment for your team and ensure customer satisfaction

Skills & Qualifications

- Post secondary education in a related field (preferred).
- Proven experience in marine parts and service management.
- Strong computer skills and aptitude to learn new programs.
- Strong leadership and communication skills.
- Customer-focused mindset and problem-solving abilities.

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