Marine Mechanic

Lunenburg, NS

Lunenburg Foundry


Provides support to the Shipyard operations by completing inspections, maintenance & repairs to various types of vessels/boats and their mechanical systems.

Reports to the Shipyard Foreman.
You may receive instructions from or report to different management and supervisory personnel depending on the particular project or work you are assigned.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties include but are not limited to:
* Abide by Company Safety Policy and Procedures.
* Follow prescribed Work Orders & Safe Work Practices.
* Analyze/diagnose problems, and conduct functional tests.
* Perform maintenance & repairs to vessel’s mechanical systems.
* Troubleshoot & repair mechanical issues that include hydraulics, pneumatics & controls.
* Communicating equipment issues, plan of action and completed work to clients/customers.
* Operation & Maintenance of hand tools, power tools & equipment.
* Take measurements & prepare reports as required.
* Maintain a clean & organized work environment.
* Perform other duties as required to maintain daily operations.

• Safety – You are required to participate and comply with all company safety rules and safe work practices as outlined in the company’s safety policy. This includes conducting regular hazard assessments when starting new assignments and when work site conditions dictate.
• Personal Protective Equipment - You are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment that is approved and required for your particular work assignment. Check with your supervisor or safety representative if you are unsure about required PPE.
• ISO Procedures – You are required to participate and comply with all ISO 9001:2015 procedures and documentation as they relate to your position and work assignment.
• Customer Relations - You will from time to time have personal contact with the company’s customers. Customers are the most important part of our business. Treat each customer courteously and with respect. It is very important that the directions and opinions of customers are passed on to your supervisor or the company’s management when appropriate.

Skills & Qualifications

* Should enjoy working in a team environment but is also self-directed and able to work alone under minimal supervision.
* Must be capable of performing physically demanding work, are energetic & willing to learn on a continual basis.
* Likes working in a fast-pasted, ever changing environment.
* Strives to meet production & quality requirements on a consistent basis.
* Works in a professional & organized manner.

Working Conditions

Shipyard facilities consist of indoor & outdoor work environments. It is expected to be prepared for, and safely work in, all types of weather conditions. Ship repair & maintenance operations can vary from simple tasks such as material handling & clean-up, to complex jobs that required skilled and certified professionals to complete; because of this, personal can be subjected to various types of dangerous chemicals, materials or equipment during all processes; making knowledge and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment a daily requirement.


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