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The Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association develops, facilitates, and manages training for the boatbuilding/boat repair and service industry in Canada’s Maritimes.

Through separate licensing agreements with New Zealand’s Marine Industry Training Organisation and British Columbia’s Quadrant Marine Institute, and in partnership with the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency, the NSBA has established Certification and Apprenticeship Programs for two trades: Boat Builder and Marine Service Technician.

Both the Boat Builders Apprenticeship Program and the Marine Service Technician Apprenticeship Program in Nova Scotia are on-the-job training programs, jointly administered by the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association and the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency.

Boat Builders construct and repair commercial and recreational boats in composites, metal, or wood – and install a variety of boat systems.

Marine Service Technicians service, repair, refit, and upgrade commercial and pleasure boats, power and sail. They perform structural, cosmetic, electrical, electronic and mechanical work on boats. They also set and tune rigging and haul and store boats.