Robert Warner

Robert Warner, P.Eng
Senior Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Product Research & Development Group
Dalhousie University

The Product Research & Development Group is a research group within the Faculty of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering department at Dalhousie University. The group started as the Advanced Manufacturing Group – part of the Nova Scotia CAD/CAM Centre in 1988. Mr. Warner graduated from Mechanical Engineering (TUNS) in 1988 and joined the group as a CAD/CAM Engineer with the mandate to support local manufacturers in the installation and implementation of computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacturing equipment. Mr. Warner has supported companies within Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario with onsite and in-house training on the machines (CNC lathes, mills, laser cutters, punch presses and plasma cutters) as well as training on the software associated with the technology (MasterCAM, SmartCAM and Pro/

In 2009 Mr. Warner joined the Mechanical Engineering Department as a faculty member, Senior Instructor. Mr. Warner teaches the first year Engineering Design course (ENGI 1101) to over 360 eager first year engineering students and he is also the Principle Investigator of the Product Research & Development Group. The group is part of the faculty of Engineering with a new focus of supporting industry with research and development projects within a wide range of applications in the Mechanical Engineering field.

The group utilizes the in-house CNC machining equipment (CNC mill and Lathe, and a full conventional machine shop) and also the Rapid Prototype equipment of the University and works with other Department members (professors and staff) on a wide range of research and development projects. The group utilizes the in-house equipment and expertise within the Mechanical Department to put together small research teams as required by the projects in hand.

Typical projects include plastic part design, and prototype mould design, machining and injection moulding but also include a wide range of mechanical system designs from PLC based vibratory conveyor systems for the food industry to process monitoring and equipment testing for oil storage systems.