Nova Scotia Boatbuilding Industry Survey for 2015

Boatbuilding includes new boat construction, repair, restoration, refit, storage, and service.

Please complete and submit online by 5th Feb 2016. NSBA treats all completed surveys as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

What’s the survey used for?

Up-to-date stats on Nova Scotia’s boatbuilding industry helps your association keep Federal and Provincial government staff informed and educated about the sector. And this helps influence government policy and programs in favour your business.

Data collected from this survey is used by the NSBA only to provide information on the industry as a whole. Individual company information is kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL by the NSBA and is not distributed or released to any third party without your permission.

*Please complete all the questions. For question 2 & question 3, where your answers are “not applicable” or “0”, enter “0” (zero).