Need skilled people?

Do you need more laminators – or other tradespeople – or any type of training?

If you do, then plan to come to a special meeting organized by the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association:

Location: NSCC Burridge Campus, Yarmouth
Date/Time: Thursday, 19th Jan, noon to 1:30pm
Admission: free

Pizza, pop , coffee provided by NSBA

Room provided courtesy of Mary Thompson, Principal, NSCC Burridge Campus

Items to be explained, discussed and clarified with employers:

  • What do employers need most: laminators? Marine Service Technicians? Other?
  • Basic fibreglass laminating course (4 weeks)
  • Marine Service Technician Orientation course (4 week course)
  • Finding people to take the course(s)
  • Getting commitment from course grads
  • Getting commitment from employers to hire course grads
  • Suitable shop to hold the course(s)
  • Paying for the course(s)

If you plan to attend, please let Tim know by Tuesday 17th Jan so we can make lunch and room arrangements.