Impact of changes to ISO 12217-1 Stability Standard for Small Vessels

Date: Friday, 18th September, 2015
Tme: 1pm to 5pm
Where: NS Construction Sector Council – ICI
10 Ragged Lake Blvd., Unit 1, Halifax, NS B3S 1C2 (off Prospect Road, near Exhibition Park)
Presenter: Mike Vollomer, President of Michael Vollmer Yacht Design Inc.

What you’ll learn
Think you know and understand ISO 12217-1? Did you know that Transport Canada uses the latest 2013 version when assessing stability submissions, not the 2002 version? Learn about what’s been changed, and the impact of these changes on stability assessment.

The presenter
Michael Vollmer, P. Eng. is President of Michael Vollmer Yacht Design Inc. of Ontario, and a leading expert in ISO Standards and Chair of the Standards Council of Canada’s Advisory Committee to ISO TC 188.

Seminar details
Mike will give a 2.5 hour review of all aspects of ISO 12217-1 “Stability and buoyancy assessment for non-sailing boats greater than or equal to 6m in length” with a focus on changes to the 2002 version that are found in the current 2013 version.

A short review will also be made of the ISO Standards for Cockpit Drainage (ISO 11812) and Windows, Hatches, Portlights, and Doors (ISO 12216) as they relate to ISO 12217-1

The goal of the seminar will be to give participants a good understanding of:

  • The various definitions used and how they relate to boats you actually build;
  • The Options that may be used to ensure compliance with the Standard based on the intended voyages; and
  • Determining how enclosed the vessel is, and the application of the required tests used in each Option, including downflooding heights, downflooding angles, offset load tests, resistance to wind and waves, and heel angle due to wind action.

Following the presentation, a dry-land “simulation” using an actual boat will be made to demonstrate a typical, practical test.

If you have a copy of ISO 12217-1, ISO 11812, and ISO 12216, bring them with you to the seminar. Questions are encouraged throughout the seminar.

If you wish to register for this seminar, contact Tim Edwards at the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association, phone 902-423-2378. Deadline for registration is Friday, 28th August, 2015.

*NSBA reserves the right to cancel or postpone the seminar in the event of insufficient registrants.

Fee per registrant: NSBA Member: $300 + HST | Non-member: $395 + HST

Cheque or Visa/Mastercard accepted. Cheques payable to: Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association