Proposed Boat Builder Employment Prep. Program

Background: This innovative program was originally conceived to help attract new people to the Boatbuilding Industry, promote a Boat Builder apprenticeship career path, and to provide potential for secure, year-round, full-time employment in coastal, rural communities.

The Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association has coordinated the BBEPP on two different occasions first in 2006 in Shelburne and more recently, in January and February of 2012 in Lunenburg with the goal being to offer all successful training participants with boatbuilding job opportunities and to ultimately enroll successful participants as NS Boat Builder apprentices.

The final decision to hire training participants is at the discretion of the potential employer(s).

There is a need for new workers at Samson Enterprises.

Training Instructor(s): Keith Nelder (ABYC Master Technician and Certified Trainer, Certified NS Boat Builder) will be the lead instructor.

All training will be delivered by qualified, professional boatbuilding industry trainers and coordinated overall by the NSBA.

This will be a 5 week training program overall. ‘In-class’ training will take place at ‘La Picasse’. The Samson Enterprises Pondville boat fabrication facility will be the site for ‘hands on’ training.

Cost: There will be no fees charged for participation in this training program. Potential training participants will be interviewed prior to enrollment in the BBEPP by the NSBA Training Coordinator.

Information Session: 
Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Time: 1:00pm 
Place: La Picasse, Petit de Grat, Nova Scotia

Contact Chip for more information.