A new 40 footer from Samson Enterprises

Although the Nova Scotia In-Water Boat Show has only been running for the last two years, it is already paying off for several of the boat builders who have exhibited.  The show is owned and managed by the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association (NSBA) as a showcase fo Maritime-built boats of all types.  The NSBA’s marketing for the boat show attracted the attention of a Quebec City couple.  After studyig the NSBA website they became intrigued with the idea of a cruising yacht built on a commercial lobster boat hull and decided to make the trip to Nova Scotia.  While at the show they began a conversation with Herman Samson of Samson Enterprises about the possibility of a custom-built lobster yacht.  This discussion lead them to visit Herman’s boat shop on Isle Madame and take a test drive aboard one of Samson’s commercial boats.  The couple were so impressed with the boat’s looks and performance they ordered a new custom finished Samson 40 lobster yacht.  It was also helpful that as francophones the clients were able to deal in French with the Acadian boat builders at Samson Enterprises.

Samson 40

The design details and styling for the Samson 40 were completed by Laurie McGowan, an Annapolis Royal based designer.  Laurie is gaining a reputation for his work adapting the workboat hulls of Nova Scotia for yacht use.  He has a nice eye and his boats have a proper blend of workboat functionality and yacht elegance, a balance that can be hard to achieve.

The Samson 40 is based on a Northumberland Strait style boat rather than the more burdensome Cape Island style.  Which of these two main types of hull a cusomer chooses depends upon their cruising requirements and personal taste.  The Northumberland hull is learner, lighter and faster than the Cape Islander, while the latter has a greater volume and carrying capacity.  The Samson 40‘s modest 15′ beam makes for an easily driven hull requiring only modest power to achieve cruising speeds in the mid teens.  Another attractive feature is the relatively shallow 3.5’ draft, this is something the new yacht’s owners will come to appreciate whn they venture down the shoal prone Intra Coastal waterway in the US and on to the beautiful, but shallow, waters of the Bahamas.


As can be seen in the drawing, the new boat will have an open layout made possible by the extended sedan style cabin.  Unlike some lobster boats, the engine is completely below the level of the cabin sole, which improves the layout and helps keep sound levels down.  This is the perfect size vessel for a couple, with occasional guests, to cruise the coastal waters of North America.  Her shallow draft and low profile make the boat particularly suited for the increasingly popular “Great Loop” cruise.  This route, which allows a boat to circumnaviate eastern North America, is becoming better known each year.  Check out for more information.  Of course buying a boat in Nova Scotia also means as soon as you launch you have some of the finest cruising grounds found anywhere right at hand.  The owners of the new Samson 40 will be able to take a shakedown cruise through the spectacular Bras d’Or Lakes before heading up through the Gulf of St. Lawrence to their hometown, or south to warmer waters.

Look for the Samson 40 lobster yacht at the 2009 Nova Scotia In-Water Boat Show, which will take place at Bishop’s Landing on the Halifax waterfront from 31st July – 2nd August.